Trump Voices the National Consciousness: Women are Evil

So, the news has exploded with one more statement from the almighty Trump: women who have abortions should be punished. Yes, he sought to retract it later, but the key is this: deep in his subconscious, he believes that women embody evil and are also responsible for all the bad in the world. Women need to be punished. I believe that we in the church needs to pay close attention to the Trump phenomena. A big source of his popularity springs from his willingness to vocalize what others think but don’t want to say because it is so terribly incorrect to do so. … Continue reading Trump Voices the National Consciousness: Women are Evil

Reflections on Les Miserables

Why does Les Miserables move me so much? In 2014, I watched an incredible Broadway performance of that famous musical. At the end I stood cheering and applauding. I was also weeping openly. Why? I don’t cry that easily–and I know the story extremely well. I’ve even read the book from upon which the musical and the many movie versions are based: all 530,982 words, or 1488 pages of it. But I still wept. What I see here each time is the universal story:  the grinding, soul-destroying poverty and injustice that rules the lives of most; the occasional ray of light … Continue reading Reflections on Les Miserables