Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: “Deliberately Diluting God’s Word” and First Class Women

  Dear Thoughtful Pastor: We have several examples of the power of prayer and the direct influence it can have on our lives and the lives of those around us. Yet you, in a previous column, would discourage people from … Continue reading Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: “Deliberately Diluting God’s Word” and First Class Women

The Conversation

“OK, in German, nouns have four cases:  nominative, accusative, dative and genitive.  Here, let me show you what I mean in this sentence.” I overheard this conversation in a sandwich shop recently as I had settled myself for a late lunch with time to work on a message I needed to prepare.  For the next 30 minutes or so, I heard this patient tutor work with a novice student of the German language as he tried to give her a basis to comprehend the layout of a German language sentence, which is considerably different from English. As the lesson ended, … Continue reading The Conversation

Prayer Letters

It was a quiet Friday morning.  I slept late, knowing I need the extra rest as I’ve fought cold after cold all fall and am clearly not treating my body well. As always, I woke to spend some time in prayer, offering thankfulness for another day and then way too quickly, moving to what I’m so prone to:  the complaining prayers.  The ones that effectively say to God, “Get with my program here and make it quick.” I let the dogs out, and retrieved the newspaper, reading it over breakfast and hot tea and then headed to email and to … Continue reading Prayer Letters

Two Prayers–and a Problem

Two people want to pray. People can certainly pray anywhere, but these two decided to go to a place where prayers are routinely said. There is definitely something that enhances prayers by going to a place that really is set aside for such activity. The atmosphere may quiet the spirit, the whispers of other prayers, long since said, may still inhabit the space, pulling us toward a transcendent experience. A really fascinating book, just released, called The Year of Living Biblically tells, among other things, how the regular practice of prayer brought a sense of inner belief that has never … Continue reading Two Prayers–and a Problem