The Two Way Betrayal

It is Holy or Black Saturday and I’m deep in a place of emotional and spiritual pain. Last night, at Tenebrae, as I was leading the service, I saw again the shock of the disciples. I saw their need to flee, their betrayal, and the aloneness of Jesus when he faced his accusers.  My tears began to flow. That time of utter desolation for Jesus stands as final proof of undeserved love. But I bet Jesus’s closest followers did not see love. Instead they, too, felt totally betrayed by the one they had loved. Why? Because there was no king, … Continue reading The Two Way Betrayal

Does the World Need a Savior?

What are some of the problems we face as those who inhabit our planet? Let me list a few: 1. A worldwide political system that permits millions of people to suffer desperate poverty and hunger with few options for relief and improvement. 2. An economic situation so bad here in the US that illegal immigrants are now receiving money from those they left behind rather than sending money back to their families. In other words, those who, at great danger to themselves, crossed borders in order to find better lives now find themselves far worse off than those they left. … Continue reading Does the World Need a Savior?

Why Easter?

What is this all about? What is “Holy Week” anyway? What’s the big deal? Is there more to this than plastic eggs with little surprises in them and new clothes? Although I’ve been a church-goer most of my life, the much of the reasoning for this spring celebration with the changeable date escaped me most of that time. The week starts off with such joy– We’ve seen it—Jesus entering the holy city with victory and adulation! What excitement we feel in this triumph! We sing together with joy over the hope set before us. Surely with this adulation and victory, … Continue reading Why Easter?