Solution to the Government Shutdown: Holocaust, US Style

I know how to end the government shutdown and the growing economic crisis that it is causing. My solution may seem drastic to some, but drastic times call for drastic answers. Really, it is quite simple: eliminate all non-productive members of society. No more drains on the federal budget. We reverse the unholy dreaded deficit, and can get back to business as usual. The Criteria for Elimination (Must meet both. We do want to be fair) 1. All who do not pay income taxes themselves. 2. All who receive government aid to survive. My quick take is that the following … Continue reading Solution to the Government Shutdown: Holocaust, US Style

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

The airways have been filled with a particularly heavy load of bad news.  Human error contributed to some: plane and train wrecks. Political discord contributed to more: violent rioting in Egypt and intrigues and shenanigans in Austin during the special session of the Texas Legislature. Human differences and limitations in opinion and point of view contributed to others, such as actions and reactions to the Florida trial and verdict for the death of Trayvon Martin. Much reflects the dark side of our humanity. In the midst of this, a intriguingly nice snippet surfaced: research has shown that people who sing … Continue reading I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

Politics and the Pulpit

So, here is Dallas’s own Robert Jeffress opining about politics and the pulpit. Although he does not name the name, Jeffress makes it clear that Christians either vote for the candidate he clearly supports or they are voting against the biblical values of family and traditional family roles. Now, there are a whole other set of Christian thinkers and writers who affirm a different candidate, whom we shall also not name, believing that their candidate has a far better understanding of the biblical values of justice, compassion and mercy. I’ve been careful when speaking from my position as pastor not … Continue reading Politics and the Pulpit