Pins and Needles, the Election and our Charitable Giving

I admit it–the polls are going to close in a couple of hours on the East Coast, and I’m already getting antsy to start hearing results.  I keep checking my favorite political commentators and statisticians as if their words will assure my comfort and hoped for victory. I’ve been quite careful not to openly state the candidate I hope will win the Presidential election. I think that as a pastor, my role is to encourage people to think carefully about these things.  After investigation and reflection, all should vote in ways that best reflect their understanding of how we live … Continue reading Pins and Needles, the Election and our Charitable Giving

The Redeemable Mistakes

Who among us has never done something that is regretted later? Who has never said an unkind word about someone or to someone? Who has never gossiped or spread untrue rumors? Who has never deliberately inflicted hurt or pain on another in a moment of high emotion? Who has not made some life choices that turned out in retrospect to be destructive to one person or another? Who has not violated written or unwritten moral codes at one point? Would that all could live without some sorrow over the past. Is it possible to do that? Yes and no. It … Continue reading The Redeemable Mistakes

Out The Car Window

It was highway trash pick up day. Those so inclined to participate met at the Krum United Methodist Church building at 8:00 a.m. this past Saturday. Here, we were presented with bright orange vests and large plastic bags. Several people who had not participated before joined us, and were quickly given instructions: leave cigarette butts and dead animal carcasses in place. Everything else needs to be picked up. Stick an extra bag in your belt—when the first one gets full, leave it by the side of the road. Then we divided into two teams, one going north on FM 156, … Continue reading Out The Car Window