‘Tis True: Evangelicals Really do Hate Women–Surely God Weeps

© Haywiremedia | Dreamstime.com
© Haywiremedia | Dreamstime.com

Yesterday, I noted here on the blog that the “make America white again” presidential contender simply voices the national consciousness of dislike and fear of the female with his increasingly rabid anti-woman words, the latest being that women should be punished, i.e., sentenced to jail, for having abortions.

I have now learned that America’s meanest Christian, Robert Jeffress, who has publicly sucked up to Mr. Make America White Again, totally agrees: women who have abortions should be justly punished.

Gotta love it. Let’s take a women who has likely abandoned by the man who deposits his sperm in a very possible act of incest, rape or just plain lustful desperation for any possible (un)willing vagina and then happily disappears to find the next (un)willing vagina. She’s poor, desperate, trying to keep a minimum wage job while rearing other children, no real help on sky-high child-care prices, and knows that one more baby or even a difficult pregnancy will forever tumble her scarily fragile family into inescapable poverty. She’s also very likely been beat up by the happy sperm-depositor. Then, let’s punish the **** out of her so the whole pro-life lobby can then, with utterly an clear conscience, see how many innocent and terrorized Muslims they can carpet bomb to smithereens, perhaps clapping happily while the ISIS terrorists, whom they will miss as they carpet bomb the rest, continue to keep women as sex slaves.

And while people flock to Jeffress’s church and people flock to vote for Mr. Make America White Again, God weeps. So do I.

3 thoughts on “‘Tis True: Evangelicals Really do Hate Women–Surely God Weeps

  1. Why do we persist in calling individuals such as Jeffries “christian” (deliberate use of quotes and in lower case letters)? Nothing he or any self-identified evangelical christians say or do can even be remotely called Christianity.

    As a thought for another post, what is it about Catholic Church that drives Baptists crazy. Does the history of the church that Baptists (and other fundamentalists) study and know somehow skip that part about the formation of the Catholic Church as the foundation for all denominations?


  2. “…sperm-depositor”, Christy, is such a great term for those males who deny any responsibility for unplanned pregnancies. This elderly woman who fears for the lives of my four granddaughtes….what’s changed since the mid-twentieth century? Until American men (yes, all of them) take the lead in ensuring that not a single pregnancy is unplanned, all girls/women will continue to suffer in this age when more of them are allowed to attend college and seek a responsible future.


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