Mystery Worship: Greek Orthodox

[Note: this article is slated to run in the Denton Record Chronicle on Friday, July 24, 2015. Further commentary on the nature of “orthodoxy” can be found here.] The liturgy is confusing, unfamiliar, mostly chanted or sung without recognizable tunes and half in a foreign language. The overly-incensed air produces an immediate headache. We stand for most of the two-hour service, rarely enjoying the minimal comfort of the unpadded wooden pews. Instructions make it clear we are not welcome at communion. Research before attending confirms that the denomination is fully male-dominated and it would also be wise to take special … Continue reading Mystery Worship: Greek Orthodox

Ponderings on Itinerancy and Appointability

I originally wrote this a number of years ago, but with the recent post by blogger John Murdock, I decided to post it again. Murdock writes eloquently of the problems smaller churches face with the frequent rotation of clergy. Here’s the situation from the point of view of a pastor (now retired). One of the reasons I chose United Methodism as my place of service is the connectional system. I think such a system ultimately reflects more health and has more opportunity to be fully transformational than stand-alone isolated churches. Just as I don’t think there can be a spiritually … Continue reading Ponderings on Itinerancy and Appointability