Wendy Davis, Courage, and the Sacredness of the Womb

It’s all over the Texas news–and national news by now.  Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, probably forever known now by her pink sneakers, is rapidly becoming a media icon. Why? Because this courageous woman stood for hours and fought with everything she had against huge injustice. Now, let me make myself clear: Abortion is not something I wish would ever happen. But desperate women have been aborting babies for millennia. There always have been and always will be ways to do this.  Some are safer than others. But there are always ways. In the perfect world, such acts would never be … Continue reading Wendy Davis, Courage, and the Sacredness of the Womb

Charities, Corruption, and Wisdom

I mentioned in my message this past Sunday that all of us engage in a corrupt world. Our job is not to separate ourselves from it, but to bring light and grace to it.  It takes a great deal of wisdom to learn how to do this without corrupting our own souls. While many have tried to create utopian communities where corruption will be unwelcome and people can live in harmony and peace, such communities ALWAYS fall apart. That, like it or not, is the human existence. All my life, I’ve been drawn to organizations that seek to enhance the … Continue reading Charities, Corruption, and Wisdom

More on The Epic Battle Between Good and Evil

For the past few weeks on Sunday mornings, and with a couple more to come, I have been bringing messages about the epic battle between good and evil. The big question, “How do we learn to discern between the two?” One would think it would be easy. But real evil has developed the genius to disguise itself with exquisite care and craftiness and often passes as something good and desirable. This Sunday, June 16, we’re going to look at the character of Severus Snape–a man who had to walk on both sides of the street.  How did it affect his … Continue reading More on The Epic Battle Between Good and Evil

Why We Need an Independent United Methodist Press

This link will take you to a  well done article that summarizes the relevant details of the Bishop Bledsoe episode and also examines the exorbitant costs. Bishop Bledsoe’s response to the costs? “It is what it is . . . Obviously that money could have been used for other things. I’m not so sure, given the realities of the situation, it could have been any different.” My first response, “Oh yes, yes it could have.” My second response: This article is an example of simply superb reporting by journalist Sam Hodges, who was until Thursday, May 31, 2013, the Managing … Continue reading Why We Need an Independent United Methodist Press